Secure Payment

On our Medzsite you can only pay by credit card enabled with processing for the amount that is made on the offer / product.

 It is possible to pay all debits and credit VISA, Master Card, and Maestro and American Express cards.

After paying by card through the Internet, the card information entry is done on the lender’s secure page. The safety of card payment information is ensured by the charge card chip on which pages that the whole payment method is done.

When inputting payment Card info, confidential data is transmitted via a public system at a secure (encrypted) type utilizing the SSL protocol and PKI platform, since the present technology that is innovative.

Payments can be made at any time, at any time of the day or night, as well as on weekends and holidays, and vouchers or payment receipts will be available after a few minutes.

The Use of Private Information

It’s not excluded that We’ll Utilize the Data you supplied to us, by way of instance, offer a service, assess the interest of customers to your services and advise you regarding your services and products. If you provide us your email address, or have done this before, or’ve heard it from another source, we might send you calls electronically. Such bids could be contingent on the info that you sent to us through your very first trade with uson polls, on advice that can indicate consumer tastes or lifestyles, in addition to information available from external sources, like traders and advertising associations. When we send you mails, we might have the ability to detect details about your email address — e.g., will you get graphically-enriched HTML messages. If your speech is installed so it may receive messages from HTML format, then it’s likely that we’ll choose to send you enriched HTML messages using email.

So as to effectively process your purchase, you’ll need our Complete name, address, email and phone, and business information when the consumer is an authorized thing. With the support of the information, we’ll have the ability to provide the desired merchandise, and to notify you regarding the present condition of the purchase.

In our title, we now dedicate ourselves to protect the privacy of Our clients. We gather only the essential, fundamental customer/user information and data required for working and advising the consumers in accord with good business practices and so as to offer superior support. We provide customers the option, for example, capability to determine if they need or to not be deleted from your mailing list. All customer/customer information is strictly saved and available only to workers whose data is vital for conducting business.

We undertake to not utilize the accumulated data for every other Purpose or to forward these to third parties. Along with all these, we gather, assess and process information regarding goods our visitors are looking for and purchasing, in addition to about the websites that they visit. We utilize this information to enhance the deal and look of the pages and allow you to utilize more readily more protected and more convenient buying.

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