How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence This Valentine’s Week

How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence This Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is almost near. Whenever we get a thought of Valentine’s, the word Love hits our mind. And Love signifies romance and much more, leading to sex. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, the pleasure should be at the center stage. But, some people are underconfident about sex. It’s not mandatory to feel hot every time. By gaining sexual confidence, you can feel your worth making the most out of this love season. Today’s blog is all about sexual confidence, the role of romance, and intimacy going ahead.

Understanding Sexual Confidence:

The way we as individuals have different bodies. In the same way, we might have different definitions of sexual confidence. Most simply, sexual confidence means one feeling comfortable in one’s own body and understanding the fact that one deserves pleasure & can successfully articulate it, enjoying it fully. Meanwhile, listening to the specific needs a sexual partner holds. 

How to Build Sexual Confidence?

If you have any negative thoughts about your body, ditch them. To specify, the thoughts can be fear or shame from past sexual abuse, body inhibition, fear or shame from past intimate relationships, or less knowledge about female and male sexuality. These thoughts, a majority of times, can often hold you back from unleashing conditional sexual fulfillment. Building sexual confidence is all about setting your mindset.

1.      Believe You Too Deserve Pleasure

The moment someone starts believing something, then the next moment, the person starts building. You believe you, too, can experience pleasure and joy. Your body, too, demands that.

2.      Communication is the Key

Understanding what you enjoy and Love is the stepping stone to building sexual confidence. Now, being able to communicate that to your partner starts building sexual confidence. It is the perfect signal that you are successfully articulating it.

3.      Listen & Understand your Partner

Listen to the needs of your partner. Get comfortable and make your partner comfortable about acknowledging and respecting your partner’s needs. This builds the next level of self-confidence, taking your partner and you to satisfaction.

4.      Set & Accept Boundaries

Building sexual confidence doesn’t mean whatever your partner says, you must be OKAY. You should set the boundaries first and accept what your partner demands if you are comfortable.

Tips for Boosting Your Sexual Confidence:

Becoming sexually confident is a sense of appealing to your partner. Every confident person, either on a job or in bed, knows what they want and what fears them. They are not even afraid of expressing themselves. By following the below-mentioned tips, you can boost your sexual confidence:

  1. Be cautious about what is happening in your body & what sounds like a perfect sexual experience to you. If you come from a place where you have been judged a lot, then forget everything. Try to give yourself a chance to enjoy yourself and feel satisfied and confident.
  2. Connect to different material sources, and here you might be thinking about how it can be done. Well, the internet is another vast world. Learn different masturbation styles or ways to surprise your partner on the bed.
  3. Give yourself a cultural reality check. You might have been taught about looking sexy in certain ways. Sometimes, in the name of culture, we have to internalize and learn colorism, fatphobia, ageism, and ableism. Surprisingly, all these inform us how we feel about our bodies–both physically and sexually.
  4. Practice mindfulness and notice your thoughts shifting in and out. Attempt to bring yourself back every time your mind goes to the negative side. This way, you will be able to make a shift from performative sex to pleasureful sexual moments.
  5. Learn the art of communication on the bed. Understand the famous quote, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.” Communicate with your partner using body language such as using verbal cues, hands, or simply guiding them with your actions what you desire.
  6. To stay comfortable and look confident, make yourself feel fresh by cleaning your body. You can use a gentle cleanser to prevent any unpleasant odor. Make sure to use natural cleansers, as this might irritate the sensitive areas of your body.

The Role of Romance and Intimacy:

We are pretty sure you are already familiar with these terms. They are not the same but are equally important. If we talk about romance, then it’s different for everyone. For some, it might be popping a bottle of champagne on the beach, or for others, cuddling up in bed with a bowl of popcorn and watching their favorite horror movie. However, these are love gestures and things anyone wants to do with their partner to keep the excitement alive. Romance and intimacy together create a deep and meaningful connection with the partner. It boasts a feeling of fulfillment. So, bless your partner with romance and give them the fulfillment of maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Empowering Yourself Sexually:

Nobody can empower you. It is you who can empower yourself—feeling your own body alone. Knowing your body from every perspective and learning to love yourself is the first key. So, here is how you can empower yourself sexually:

  • Invest in self-intimacy by trying healing techniques such as using yoni-eggs.
  • Maintain a balance between sacred masculine and divine feminine.
  • Groom and decorate your body the way you love.
  • Talk openly about any health status or if in case you prefer consuming pills such as Cenforce 120 before making out.
  • Understand the fact that sex is a playful activity focussed on making it more healthy and not just going to the end.
  • Use sex as a way to connect with your partner’s inner soul and not as a controlling mechanism, even if you have taken Vidalista 40.

Building Trust and Communication:

Create a sense of understanding by talking about each and everything, even if you take pills such as Fildena 200. By building trust and communication, you will get a chance to experience next-level satisfaction. Involving in an open dialogue, you will get to discuss the types of physical intimacy, i.e., how your partner feels comfortable, what words they would love to hear during sex, or if there should be any restrictions.


In a nutshell, sexual confidence is all about fostering open dialogues & hoping to explore boundaries. Communication is the key to almost everything, whether communicating with yourself or discussing how you feel about your body with your partner. So, make an effort and set to build your sexual confidence this Valentine’s Week Date.