Erectile Dysfunction

Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction

Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction

Caffeine and erectile dysfunction relate in a way you haven’t thought of before. If you are a male who loves this brain kicker and diagnosed with erectile dysfunction too, this blog is for you. We will be discussing basics on both – coffee and erectile dysfunction alongside unfolding some facts and FAQs on this topic.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual health problem among adult men. A male can suffer from softness of erections at some point in his life which causes dissatisfaction and disappointment during sexual intimacies. One can say it is ED if the male fails to achieve and keep the firmness of erections for a few weeks of continuous trial. However, there is nothing to fret about as millions of men face this issue worldwide.

Where there is a will, there is a way. And so, if you have erectile dysfunction, a lot of treatment options are available (OTC and prescription remedies, lifestyle changes, natural enhancer drinks, etc).

How Does Caffeine Work?

Before you increase your caffeine intake thinking it will improve your sex drive, here is what you are supposed to know…

As soon as you have caffeine, it activates methylxanthine on serotonin neurons, affects the local release of dopamine (mood-regulating chemical messenger), and activates noradrenaline neurons. The activation of methylxanthine induces an increase in locomotor activities, thus leading to heightened alertness. The user feels less drowsy for a specific time after having caffeine and feels like a brain boost. In addition, caffeine increases up to 14% of testosterone when consumed before workout alongside increasing cortisol levels.

How Coffee Improves Sex?

Coffee is a celebrated beverage for its roasted aroma and the instant energy boost that it provides. On the contrary, it is known for creating positive effects among individuals. It is rich in antioxidants that protect blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Thus, it is believed to increase blood flow towards the penis for supporting and keeping firm erections.

Will Energy Drinks Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Seek medical help to clear this confusion. While there is no evidence that energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction, if you are already having them, try to lower your intake. Instead, have some natural energy drinks and stay well-hydrated to promote adequate testosterone production.

Some natural energy drinks that promote erectile health include:

In case you are looking for a surefire way to boost stronger erections, try oral remedies like Vidalista 20. Buy it on a prescription and you may burst the myth that energy drinks are needed to be good in bed.

The link between Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction

Before you hopped in here, did you ever wonder if caffeine and erectile dysfunction relate? Before we discuss the connection, let us talk about coffee. Is it yay or nay for erectile health? What if you are used to coffee?

As per some studies, having a couple of coffee/tea cups per day reduces the risk of dementia and heart stroke. If this ‘few cups’ limit is exceeded, it becomes problematic. For instance, around 5 cups of coffee are okay for 24 hours. Having more than this creates adverse effects on your health. This is also guided by the FDA. You can thus say, coffee is your friend and enemy at the same time. Well, how good it is for improving ED?

There is no obvious evidence that coffee is a remedy for ED. Drinking it in moderate amounts may lower the risk of impotence. How much do you have to keep your erectile health sane? It’s around three cups, on average.

Can I Use Caffeine to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

To some extent, coffee boosts testosterone production and improves erections indirectly. However, it is not a proven remedy for treating ED in men. No evidence is available supporting this claim that caffeine can be used for treating erectile dysfunction. You can continue having a cup of coffee a couple of times per day and expect your sex drive to stay normal. It is not a good idea to rely on it for erectile improvements. Try prescription medicines that boost erectile hardness and increase playtime during sex.

At the same time, you don’t need to cut down on coffee if you are recently diagnosed with ED unless you are overdoing it. This beverage has high caffeine content which can degrade the quality of erections. Lowering your caffeine and sugar intake can help you keep erectile health on track.

That’s how caffeine improves ED is just a myth.

Does drinking coffee before sex improve testosterone?

Drinking coffee helps in relaxing the smooth cavernous muscles surrounding the pelvic region. It thus improves blood circulation towards male genitals by enhancing blood flowing through the arteries. This happens because coffee is known for boosting testosterone levels temporarily which promotes better quality of sex.

Side Effects of Using Caffeine for ED

While you were planning to stock on some coffee to make your romantic time frothy, here is something to note. Using caffeine for improving erectile functions comes with a few side effects which are as below.

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Stomach upset

As this beverage comes with some negative symptoms besides health benefits, you should watch your intake to keep away from such symptoms. According to the FDA, the daily serving should be no more than 400 mg i.e. 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day. Also, check for your caffeine sensitivity before adopting this particular way to boost your sex drive. If you are someone feeling unwell after having a small amount of coffee, you need to think about ED medicines (like Fildena 150) for erectile improvements instead.

The Bottom Line

As we have discussed the link between caffeine and erectile dysfunction, you now know how and what amount of coffee helps promote erectile health. If you are not a fan of coffee and are diagnosed with impotence, you may add a generous amount of coffee to your diet to seek desired improvements. Doing it after consulting a healthcare provider will be a smarter choice.

If you seek desired erectile improvements, ask your doctor for oral medicines that promote stronger erections faster than any alternative therapies. For instance, Cenforce 100. Such oral ED pills are safe, trustworthy, and budgetary remedies for boosting erectile hardness within minutes and allow it to sustain for up to 5 hours of playtime.

Get to know more about such medications from your healthcare provider. You may then shop for your prescribed ED pill with authorized pharmaceuticals like

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